How to deal with head lice at your kid’s school

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Head lice can be epidemic in some public schools. Here is how to deal with it.

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Head lice can reach epidemic proportions in some public schools today, as well as other group settings, such as childcare centers. Time and again children are sent home with lice. After treatment they are sent back to school only to catch lice again within a month or two.
The head lice epidemic in public schools can be a nightmare for some parents, especially if their family has a case of persistent head lice. With persistent head lice many treatments don’t seem to work, and even after several treatments the lice and nits are still in the hair.

There are different ways to tackle the head lice problem, one of them is by taking preventative measures. Once your family has head lice, getting rid of it can be very difficult, not to mention a lot of hard work, so it makes sense that taking preventative precautions is one of your best defenses against these parasitic insects.
If you have children that are school age, or in childcare, make sure that they understand first of all, what lice is. Ensure that they understand having lice does not make them bad, or dirty, but that it can be miserable and hard to get rid of.

Let your children know what types of behavior will increase their chances of being exposed to head lice. Ask them not to share coats, hats, brushes or any other personal items at school
Teaching your children not to share personal items will go a long way in helping to prevent a head lice infestation in your family, but it’s not enough. While your children are spending time within group settings, such as school or preschool, you should also vigilantly check their hair at least once a week for signs of head lice or nits.

The best way to do this is by using a specially designed comb for removing head lice. Under a bright light, examine your child’s head for any signs of the insects, and also run the comb through their hair to remove any possible freeloading louse.

This may seem to be an extreme inconvenience, but it is nothing compared to the work you will face if your child does bring home head lice. Once your family has head lice you will be faced with treating the hair multiple times, as well as nightly combing to remove nits. Even then you won’t be done; you will have to deal with the monumental task of vacuuming and cleaning every surface in your home, washing endless laundry, and even delousing your car.
By far, the best option is to prevent head lice.


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